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BKA Spring Course 2018
“Improvisation and Composition”

Wednesday 4th to Saturday 7th April 2018
Telford, UK

The course will include teaching and presentations by:

  • Dr. Árpád Tóth – Hungary (choir, musicianship, choral improvisation)
  • Allan Wright – France (singing lessons, vocal workshop)
  • Zsófia Tallér – Hungary – a leading classical composer (sessions to include writing for children’s choirs and the harmonisation of folk songs)
  • Chris Rupp – USA – the founder of the contemporary a cappella group Home Free (sessions to include how to build up an a cappella piece and contemporary songwriting)


Matt Brewster Summer School

Saturday 4th – Friday 10th August 2018
The 36th International Kodály Summer School

Certification LogoAlongside the general course, for those who would like accredited certification as teachers using the Kodály approach, we will be running the Certificate Course, Level 1 (Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary, Instrumental) and Level 2 (Primary) course. For further information about these courses please see the relevant section of the website.

To spread the cost, fees can be paid in instalments.


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