Methodology 2019

Teach music and singing at school in such a way that it is not a torture but a joy for the pupil; instill a thirst for finer music in him, a thirst which will last for a lifetime. - Zoltan Kodaly

Four strands of methodology will be offered on this year’s Summer School: Early Childhood, Primary 1, Primary 2, and Secondary/Instrumental (see descriptions below).

What is methodology?

This is the Oxford Dictionary definition: “a set of methods and principles used to perform a particular activity”. It sounds a bit dry.

Absorbing and understanding Kodály’s ideas and philosophy and infusing them into your own teaching can be a long journey, but it’s an exciting one to undertake; full of discovery and ultimately rewarding and enriching for both you and your pupils…’s anything but dry.

What is the most important quality for a music teacher to have?

Katalin Körtvési: ” Have a well-trained heart. Teach with your personality and with your passion!”

Kodály himself never wanted his principles enshrined in a single ‘method’ or ‘tutor’ to be religiously followed, but there’s a strong consensus on Kodály principles.

Judith Brindle: ‘When I use the word I mean a singing- based curriculum, progressing from the simplest to the most advanced musicianship, building up a carefully-selected repertoire of songs, through which you teach pulse, rhythm, pitch, expressive elements, musical structure and, ultimately, harmony.’

“Often a single experience will open the young soul to music for a whole lifetime:


Early Childhood (Tutor: Ben Lawrence). This course will focus on children’s first experiences of music through simple songs, games and story-telling.

Primary 1 (Tutor: Sally Leeming): the first steps. This will be a programme for those beginning to teach according to Kodály principles. It will look mainly at repertoire and activities suitable for ages 5-7 but will also consider starting with older Primary-age beginners. This course is for those following the General Course timetable and is a requirement for the Certificate Course Level 1.

Primary 2 (Tutor: Bori Szirányi): a continuation programme. This programme is for those with experience of teaching according to Kodály principles and will focus on the next steps for ages 7+. The course is for experienced practitioners following the General Course timetable and is a requirement for the Certificate Course, Level 2. NB. Please note that there will be two sessions each day (Sessions 1 and 3 in the afternoon): please do not choose other options for Session 3.

Secondary/Instrumental (Tutor: Lynne Clark)

Session 1 Methodology on Saturday: Hannah Grant will deliver a session on lesson planning to everyone following the Methodology option (except Early Years who will have their session with Ben as usual)



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