Choral Conducting 2018

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This year choral conducting will be offered at three levels:

Advanced: Gabriella Thész

Intermediate: James Cuskelly

Beginner/Post-beginner: Esther Hargittai

Each group will work independently with their tutor for approximately 60 minutes, after which the groups will join together, to give any student who wishes, whatever their previous experience, the opportunity to conduct a larger group with support from all three tutors.

For more information about the different levels and to help you choose the most appropriate group click:

BKA Conducting Curriculum

Advanced Conducting 2018

Students studying advanced choral conducting should prepare Tomás Luis de Victoria’s Ave Maria plus one other piece, depending on interest or the type of choir that they conduct.

As an aid to score preparation you should be able sing each individual part. To help you perceive and understand the melodic and harmonic structure of each piece, you may also find it helpful to sing a part whilst playing one or all of the others.

Please also learn your singing part for all the pieces.

Click to download pieces:

Victoria: Ave Maria (SATB)

Weelkes: Though my carriage be but careless (SAB)

Kodály: Grow Tresses (Children’s Choir)

Brahms: Dein Herzlein Mild (SATB)

Bruckner: Locus Iste (SATB)

“The most important things in music cannot be noted in the score”

(Gustav Mahler)