Kodály Spring Course

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Saturday 13th to Tuesday 16th April 2019
University of Huddersfield

So why is Kodály such a buzz word? Come and find out what makes Kodály inspired education so popular and so successful.

The theme of the BKA Spring Course 2018 is Education. You will start each day developing your own musicianship skills. Then our expert tutors will explain the sequential, step by step approach of the Kodály Approach, providing lots of ideas you can use immediately in your classroom. You will learn how to build a progressive, child friendly approach to music in your school that will suit both your personality and the needs of your students.

Why are we the happiest musicians?

Quite simply, the Kodály concept is the best music education philosophy ever developed. Music belongs to everyone, and our courses are open to all. The person who has joined their first choir, and sung for the first time since leaving school, is as happy in this environment as the professional singer or music teacher.

Singing is at the heart of everything we do, and mornings are taken up with Choir and Musicianship classes, delivered by our incredibly talented team of Hungarian and British tutors. The feedback we receive from these sessions is excellent, and people come back year after year to refresh and improve their skills. Musicianship leaves everyone buzzing, and every day someone describes a “life-changing” or “lightbulb” moment.

Forget rote learning of intervals or slogging through theory workbooks. In our Musicianship classes you will hear and understand everything first, through simple melodies and games. At the beginner level this includes singing in tune and developing harmony and listening skills. Jealous of your “perfect pitch” friends? Learn to hear chord progressions, name intervals and work out tunes by ear.

Who should come to a BKA course?

In short – everyone! Composition, improvisation and arranging are crucial skills for music students, teachers, conductors, singers and musicians in all fields.

Anyone wanting to improve their pitching, singing technique, music reading, listening, harmony, sightreading, theory or aural skills. Adult beginners with a love of music, or experienced musicians striving for a deeper understanding of the music they play.

Simultaneously thorough and fun, BKA courses bring together people from all walks of life, and all genres of music, who immerse themselves in a world of sheer joy.