BKA Residentials by Charlotte Brennan

Charlotte Brennan Insert

At the BKA courses, you find yourself surrounded by people who love making music with others and want to learn more. People come from so many different musical backgrounds and levels of experience – the courses really embrace the philosophy ‘music should belong to everyone’. The music you can make collectively on the courses can be so simple, but really stunning – since everyone allows themselves to be so immersed.

Charlotte Brennan Confident PurpleAs a primary school music teacher, I have found the BKA courses invaluable for helping me develop more structure to my teaching. The Kodály approach works on the premise that music is a skill that everyone can learn when they are taught effectively – the courses offer such great training in music pedagogy, and are led by very inspiring tutors. There are sessions specifically on methodology, where you can learn how to break the skills down and teach them in a way that is progressive. I quickly found myself armed with new songs, games and teaching ideas that I couldn’t wait to try out with my classes – and gaining the knowledge of how to present these in a structured way left me feeling much more confident and professional at what I do.