Cathy Fox

Cathy FoxCathy will be teaching musicianship, Secondary methodology and  Sing and Conduct: Beginner/Post-beginner. For more details please visit Kodály Summer School 2016.

Singing in choirs has always been a big part of Cathy ́s life. As a child she attended Southwell Minster School where choral singing was a daily activity. During A levels, with a group of friends, she sang for cathedral services in Norwich and Llandaff. Since moving to London, she has been a member of the Bach Choir and sung for various church services including with the choir of the Royal Naval Chapel, Greenwich.

Cathy has been a music teacher at Reedham Prep School and taught both junior and senior musicianship at the North London Colourstrings School. Cathy trained choirs at both of these institutions and has also led adult choir rehearsals at the Blackheath Conservatoire for Singing. Cathy enjoys playing the piano, especially Bach and accompanies students for ABRSM exams.

Cathy enjoys combining teaching and performing and finds that the two disciplines are complimentary to one another. As a violinist, Cathy freelances with professional orchestras, most regularly the London Philharmonic Orchestra. She has also toured with James and War of the Worlds performing in arenas including Wembley and the O2. In 2014, Cathy was solo violinist and voice for the Royal Shakespeare ́s production of Titus Andronicus. Cathy enjoys being a part of the Really Big Chorus events at the Royal Albert Hall, most recently performing Orff`s Carmina Burana with over 1000 singers from 17 different countries.

Since 2004 Cathy has taught violin and viola at the London Oratory School seeing students from beginner through to grade 8. Since 1999 she has been tutor and leader of the Sinfonietta Orcheastra on the NLMS Music Summer School. She has recently begun teaching at the Centre for Young Musicians and in 2013 she taught under-graduates at Leeds College of Music. After studying with Geza Szilvay, she has used the Colourstrings method when teaching beginners.

In 2015 Cathy graduated from the MA course at the Kodaly Institute, Kecskemet. Since returning to London, Cathy has been a deputy teacher for the musicianship classes at the Junior Guildhall School for Music and Drama and for adult musicianship classes at Blackheath Conservatoire for Singing as well as continuing her work at the London Oratory School and with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.