Paul Harris

Paul HarrisPaul Harris is one of the UK’s most influential music educationalists. He studied the clarinet at the Royal Academy of Music, where he won the August Manns Prize for outstanding performance in clarinet playing and where he now teaches. He is in great demand as a teacher, composer, and writer (he has written over 600 music books); and his inspirational masterclasses and workshops continue to influence thousands of young musicians and teachers all over the world in both the principles and practice of musical performance and education.

Paul Harris’s concept of Simultaneous Learning is now a recognised and highly regarded form of teaching worldwide. This exciting, imaginative and holistic approach encourages students to learn positively, effectively and independently. It turns the old-fashioned & reactive style of teaching (pupils play, make mistakes and teacher corrects) on its head. This inherently practical way of teaching allows you, as teacher, to get the best out of your pupils and include all the core skills within a standard lesson time. In this presentation you will discover techniques that enable pupils to develop much more fully as musicians.