Spring Course 2016 – Thoughts on Day 1

Some of our attendees have been posting their thoughts on the Kodály Spring Course 2016 on Facebook and Twitter.

Here are the comments on Day 1 – remember to use #BKA2016

“A few minutes in and we are singing a Machaut virelai, switching between solfa and letter names (with some body percussion thrown in for good measure) then singing harmonic accompaniment before singing the melody while playing… ‪#‎bka2016‬” Ben Westley

“I was moved up to the level 7/8 musicianship group and I was shocked that I actually coped quite well. Today I have been doing modal transformations and singing in canon with myself playing… All thanks to some amazing teachers. ‪#‎BKA2016‬” Ed Jones

“Intervals add up to 9! Light bulb! ‪#‎BKA2016‬” Emma Ede presented marvellous concert of gypsy songs at tonight. Fab” Rebecca Berkley

“In Telford for four days Spring Course. Sharing expertise, singing and learning together. ” Will Green

“Tonight was a wonderful reminder that singing in it’s essence is just story telling. Music should never be separated from its meaning.” Rebecca Willson

And how about some informal music making to finish the night off?