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Dr. Zsófia Tallér (recipient of Bartók-Pásztory Award, Artisjus Award, Erkel State Award, Award “Fonogram” from the Hungarian IFPI, Award of the Hungarian Film Critics) She received a dual degree from the Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest, with the Majors of Music Education (1994) and Composing (1995). From 1994 Zsófia has worked as a classical music composer who is also well-known for her drama and film music. She worked for the most prestigious Hungarian theatres, and on several Hungarian and international film productions. Zsófia’s classical pieces have been performed by top-ranking artists and orchestras in Hungary as well as abroad. The Hungarian State Opera performed her Opera “Leander and Linseed”, in their repertoire for three years.

Zsófia has more than 20 years experience in teaching music She taught composing, music theory, history of music, music analysis, transposing and partiture, and analysis of music for theatre and films. She taught in the Music Theory Department at the Liszt Academy for 10 years as assistant professor. Since 1999 she has taught at the University of Theatre and Film Arts Budapest (UTFA) as a qualified professor, and she was the vice-rector for education between 2015-2017. She is a founding and leading professor of the BA course Composing for Theatre and Motion Picture. She conducted her doctoral research at the UTFA, where her domain was music dramaturgy. She also works as creative director at Twelvetones Production Music.

Zsófia has received numerous awards both from the state and professional bodies.

You can find more information about Professor Tallér here: www.zsofiataller.hu

Kodály Spring Course 2018 Workshops
Zsófia will be offering workshops on some of the following topics:

  • Harmonising folk songs
  • Writing for children’s choirs
  • Writing for films and adverts
  • Invitation for composers to share their work and to receive suggestions for development