Introduction to Kokas Pedagogy

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Introduction to the Kokas pedagogy developed by one of Hungary’s most inspiring music pedagogues, the late Klára Kokas, who proved that the Kodály concept of music education is not a closed educational system but it can be complemented by various creative pedagogical approaches.

The principles of her music pedagogy lie in her realisation that the best way to guide children towards concentrated attention and an absolute perception of classical music is through movement, activity and creative work. Her pedagogy uses an age-appropriate, holistic approach with both children and  adults to help them perceive music in its totality.

The Kokas approach combines the intense focus of listening to music with various ways of responding immediately to it in a natural and physical way, reflecting each minute change in the music through movement. The aim is to develop and enhance not only listening perception and musical appreciation in a progressive way  but also, more importantly, to explore  interpretation and the expression of one’s own emotional inner world.

During the course of the Summer School the progressive nature of the Kokas approach will be demonstrated  over four sessions.