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Booking now open!

Who are the classes for?

The classes are for ANYONE! As we are offering classes at different levels there is something for everyone.

When do the classes start?
All classes start week beginning 17th January 2022 and places will be strictly limited.

How many weeks will the classes last?
The classes will run for ten weeks

How much do the classes cost?
The set of 10 classes costs £125

How do I know which class to choose?
Each musicianship level will be taught on its own for 10 weeks. To help you decide, read the information below and click on the further link. There is such a wealth of material at every level to ensure deep learning.

Carla Trott Level 1 for New Starters
Carla’s class is aimed at those with little or no musical experience working towards BKA Musicianship Level 1.

Helen Russell Level 2
Helen’s class is aimed at those who have previously completed a Level 1 class and are looking to develop their skills at BKA Musicianship Level 2.

Lynne Clark Level 3 and Level 4,

These classes are aimed at those who have musical experience, working towards BKA Musicianship Level 3. Students new to this level should attend Level 3, and those wishing to develop their skills further, who may have already worked with level 3 material, should attend Level 4.

Lucy Barlow Level 5
Lucy’s class is aimed at those who have attended musicianship sessions before and have covered material up to Level 4. These classes will work towards BKA Musicianship Level 5.

Lucinda Geoghegan Level 6
This class is for students who have may have already worked with level 5 material and wish to develop their skills further. Lucinda will work on the extension of pentatonic and diatonic music, altered pitches and modulation, the consolidation of simple, compound and irregular rhythmic elements, further introduction to the modes, consolidation of harmony, with the introduction of sub-dominant harmony. More complex 3-part sing and play exercises, composition and improvisation. These classes will work towards BKA Musicianship Level 6.

Esther Hargittai Level 7/8
Esther’s class is more advanced – The content covered will be further and more advanced work on modes being sung in both authentic and modern solfa, major/minor/modal transformations, modulation, triads and inversions. The main focus will be on skill training as musical memory, dictation, part work, improvising, ear training and more. Esther’s class will work towards BKA Musicianship Level 7 and BKA Musicianship Level 8

Esther Hargittai Level 9/10
The main focus will be on skill training as musical memory, dictation, part work, improvising, ear training and more. 20th century music (folk, Bartók, Kodály) with mirroring the past, visiting past styles, forms, scales and more. Working towards BKA Musicianship Level 9 and BKA Musicianship Level 10

Demystifying Dictation Lucinda Geoghegan: a five-week series of classes at two levels to support musicianship studies: (£40 for a unit of 5 sessions)

Level One for those studying at Musicianship 3 or 4; Level Two for those studying at Musicianship Level 5 or 6

NEW: Moving to Moveable Do Lynne Clarke

A five-week series of 1-hour lessons designed to help students make the transition from ‘Fixed Do’ training to ‘Moveable Do’ in support of musicianship studies.  A chance to gain experience in the understanding and using of do and la as the keynotes of major and minor keys respectively. (£40:00 for a unit of five sessions.)

Can I do an assessment at the end of the course?
Yes there is the option to do the course for assessment, but it is not compulsory. Please note however, these musicianship modules will be part of the new BKA Certificate course, so successful completion of the assessment would mean that you will already have one of the modules towards certification.

How do I get more information?
Any course questions should be raised before submitting the booking form – email Lucinda Geoghegan on
For bookings once made, the Administrator is Margaret Oliver
For financial questions, contact John Oliver on

How do I book?
All our online courses and classes are available to book online for 2022. The dates and times will be available to view and select on the booking form.

Click for more details of the BKA Musicianship Levels and Conducting Curriculum