Musicianship 2019

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Beginner-Level 1: Alan Murdock
Level 2-3: Lynne Clark
Level 3-4: Lucinda Geoghegan
Level 5-6: Bori Szirányi
Level 7-8: Árpád Tóth
Level 9-10: László Norbert Nemes.  Students in this class are requested to bring Kodály’s 55 2-part Singing Exercises (available from the BKA shop). Study scores will be provided for other musicianship material.

For a description of our Musicianship levels please click this link: BKA Musicianship

Kodály’s approach to learning can be used to develop musical skills at any age. Forget about dry learning theory and facts: in our Musicianship classes you will hear and understand everything first, through simple melodies and games, starting very simply and progressing to the more complex by logical steps.

At beginner level this includes singing in tune and developing harmony and listening skills. There are always adult beginners at our annual Summer School and many come back year after year. As well as helping beginners, the training also extends to those working at the most advanced levels, developing skills vital to advanced music making such as inner hearing, rhythmic co-ordination and harmonic hearing.

So…whether you are just starting out on your musical journey, are an instrumental teacher or working in the classroom, are a professional musician in any genre or simply love amateur music-making…….come along!

“A well-trained ear, a well-trained intelligence, a well-trained heart, a well-trained hand

All four must develop together, in constant equilibrium”

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