Jolly Music Online Training

Training for the Jolly Music programme, written by BKA tutors Cyrilla Rowsell and David Vinden, is now available to teachers everywhere, with the launch in August 2014 of the Jolly Music Online Course.

This self-paced course is suitable for all teachers with an interest in teaching music in primary schools. The course opens with an in-depth discussion of the role of music in the primary curriculum and particularly in the inclusive classroom, and the principles and techniques of the Kodály approach. It then moves on to a very practical look at musical skills and how to teach them, focusing mainly on The Jolly Music Handbook: Beginners, a copy of which is supplied free on enrolment. Great emphasis is placed on progression and working at a pace that allows the children to succeed. A final section looks at the Jolly Music repertoire and offers advice to teachers for choosing additional repertoire. The material is supported by a wealth of audio and video content, much of it featuring the teaching of Cyrilla Rowsell.

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