Education Planning Board Members

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Helen Russell
1798043_10152679906588298_1416318666_nHelen Russell is a piano and singing teacher from Worcester. After training at The University of Warwick she started teaching science in secondary schools across the West Midlands. Helen now has a thriving teaching practice in Worcester, teaching in local high schools and primary schools. Helen also runs the hugely successful non-auditioned Express Yourself Choir, Worcester.
The Kodály influence infuses all of Helen’s teaching and has formed the basis for her piano method DoReMi Piano and her work with local school teachers with Worcester Kodály.

Rebecca Willson
Rebecca lives and works in Exeter as a freelance musician and teacher. Since finishing the level two certification with the BKA, the Kodaly approach influences all aspects of life as a musician. Her work includes performing as a violinist and pianist as well as instrumental, musicianship and ensemble teaching.

Ben Lawrence

Sally Leeming

Kathleen Watson