Modern Singer Technique

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The Modern Singer Technique (TCM in French) approach, created by Allan Hubert-Wright, is a vocal pedagogy based on the physiological and acoustic function of the voice. It allows singers and other voice users to better balance and understand their instrument – and thus make better (and more healthy) use of it.

Singing lessons: Allan will be giving individual singing lessons throughout the week and lessons will also be available with Florent Isoard who was trained by Allan and has worked with him for over 10 years.

If you have booked lessons, please choose some pieces you would like to work with, in any style or genre (simple folk-song, musical theatre, jazz, classical etc.), and bring two copies of each piece.

Daily Warm-ups: Think you can lie-in in the morning? If you do you will be missing Allan’s fantastic warm-up sessions to set you up for the day ahead. Do your voice a favour!

Group Vocal Lessons: This year, as one of the afternoon options , Allan will be teaching in his unique way in a series of group vocal lessons. Students attending these sessions will work together on any vocal issues that they might have – and will gain the most benefit by working with Allan on a daily basis throughout the week.

For more information about Allan’s work, see his website: