“ZeneZen” Piano Pedagogy Course

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Anikó Novák and Katalin Körtvési

“In piano or any instrumental or general music pedagogy, whatever your musical interests or experience as a teacher or performer, the fusion of  Kodaly philosophy with the Kokas concept provides a perfect, holistic basis for all musical understanding and activity.”


The “ZeneZen” course is recommended for piano teachers, music teachers and pianists alike. Participants will be led to the knowledge of music by the interconnection of different aspects of music study.

We approach the training of students from three perspectives: (i) piano playing skills are improved through (ii) the training of inner musical imagination through the systematic use of Kodály-based musicianship training and (iii) the development of the skills of self-expression through the pedagogical tools of the Kokas pedagogy.

“Our main principle is that the key to music teaching is music itself”.

 For more information: http://novakaniko.com/zenezen/